About Me

Nageshwar Nath Shukla is an Indian admired Life and Business Coach. He is the fastest and youngest achiever at Enagic group ( Japan). He is the Managing Director of CAMSNEL company and also Founder & CEO of NS INTERNATIONAL. Sucessfully directed multimillion dollars in sales of Enagic group. Strong belief in team success based on environment that Foster's respect and team accountability.

Vision Of Business

To Share Health, Wealth And Happiness With Whole World By Providing Them Miracle Water. Healthy World Will Be Happy And Peaceful In Body, Mind And Spirit.


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  • Education

    MBA, B.Tech & CIT Certification

    (MBA - Osmania University, Hyderabad)

    (B.Tech - JNTU Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University)

    (CIT - IIIT, Hyderabad)

  • Skills

    List of Skills

    Leadership Training


    Product & Business Development

  • Claim to fame

    Fastest And Youngest Achiever

    at Enagic Group (Japan) in Asian Continent

  • Achievements

    Student Achievements

    Adjudged The Best Child Speaker At The Age Of 13.

    Awarded Vishesh Pratibhashali Chhatra At The Age Of 14.

    Received 160 Certificates In Different Events During Student Tenure.

    Delivered Many Guest Lectures At Corporates And MBA Colleges.

    Best Outgoing Student Award By KGRIET Institute.

  • Achievements

    Professional Achievements

    Worked With 125 Projects And Conducted More Than 950 Seminars Worldwide.

    Within The Span Of Two Years Conducted 132 Seminars And Training Program In Different Cities Of India.

    Business Leader And Trainer For 17,400 associates & World fastest and youngest achiever Of Enagic Group Globally.

    CEO & Founder Of NS International.

    Mentor of 15 Group in all Across India and Dubai.

    Most Admired Business & Life Coach In India.

Vision Of Business

Founder of CAMSNEL

Provides SaaS (Software as a Service)

CAMSNEL is specialty building for business owners because we found so many problems that business owners are faced while running a business. Manage every single thing is too difficult for one man. So Here we are. We are helping out clients to resolve their business problem and manage everything under one location.

We always make sure that every business owners who are connected with us achieve their goals and expand their business as much as the sky.

Founder & Training Head of TEAM NS INTERNATIONAL

Ionized Water Technology (KANGEN WATER ®) by ENAGIC

With the purpose to spread true physical health, true financial health and true mental metaphysical health we have started working with ENAGIC company in the beginning of 2018 since we thought that the project and product is a revolutionary and it was related to water and since we know that human body contains 75% of water.

We have begin our work in diamond city Surat and from there we have spread across the country and in fact globally also. With many eminent trainers and leaders be found few more group where many professionals were involved in our business . Few of them are as PKC, EG CLUB, TVG GROUP, FIT BHARAT GROUP, REVOLUTIONARY TIRTH & many more...

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