An initiative by Nageshwar Shukla

Nageshwar Shukla headed his signature programme 5.0 with his champions team.

"SUPER30DAYS is virtual training meeting of 30 days, We can work on your overall development of business growth, mental growth, financial growth, physical growth, Spiritual growth, Leadership, social growth, self grooming Relationship growth and emotional growth."

"These 30 days will be the best & memorable 30 days of your life"

What Participants Say's


"Everybody finds shortcut to success."

"They asking how you become successful. How to grow business.How you struggle all things. How many people reject you."

"Let's Learn these thing from World Fastest and Youngest 6A2-3"

"Training is so important. Why??"

"Let's have Look what past participant says about SUPER30DAYS programme."



An initiative by Nageshwar Shukla

Morning Batch

7:00 AM to 8:30 AM

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Evening Batch

9:30 PM to 11:00 PM

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Workshop is start from 1st September 2021 onwards.

1) This workshops is specially designed for Nageshwar Shukla's team.
2) The program will be divided into two parts Morning Batch and Evening Batch. You can register at whatever time you are comfortable.



Bank : IndusInd Bank

Account No : 201002929867

Type : Current Account

IFSC : INDB0000023

Name : B Sony

G-Pay & PhonePe No. : 86390 36026

1) Attach a screenshot of your successful payment, In the registration form.
2) Enter UTR number in registration form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What I will get from SUPER30DAYS?

SUPER30DAYS is a signature program of Nageshwar Shukla, who is the world's fastest and youngest 6A2-3 in the Enagic company of Japan. You will train under him for 30days, and we will work on your overall development.
Step 1: Visit Nageshwar Shukla Website. (
Step 2: Please click on "SUPER30DAYS" tab in menu.
Step 3: Scroll down the page. Please click on "Register Now" button, according to your time.
Step 4: Once you registered, our backend team will verify your details.
Step 5: Once your account is verified from our backend team, You will get "Confirmation" email in your register email.
Note: You can now join with the same link for next 30 days, which you get in confirmation email.
Yes, You can get your refund within 3 days after the SUPER30DAYS workshop starts.
Step 1: Visit Nageshwar Shukla Website. (
Step 2: Click on NS International tab in Menu.
Step 3: Please click on Login or Signup with your SUPER30DAYS register email.
Step 4: Once you login. Please click on SUPER30DAYS Course.
Step 5: Yeah, It's done. Now you can enjoy your course.
Note: If you see "Lecture content locked" then please contact us.
You can Call us on (+91) 99046 45450
You can WhatsApp us on (+91) 72838 26128
You can also mail us on
We are sorry to say, but if you missed your session then you can not recover it, But you can see the short video of that particular session on NS International.

  Rules & Regulations

  Every participates has to enter in zoom before 10 minutes.

  Opener and Closer are compulsory in blazer.

  Participants are not allowed to change the batches, So be careful while selecting a batch time.

  Your video must be on, otherwise, the NSI backend team will remove you from the meeting.

  6A Task completion meeting with a leader is mandatory.

  Compulsory seat with your diary, pen and printing material.

  You can apply for a refund only within 3 days from the start of the SUPER30DAYS 5.0 workshop.

Contact Support Team

(+91) 99046 45450