Water is life


Water is life

Nageshwar Shukla     15th March, 2020

Water is life. During our childhood days ,we remember our teacher used to quote a famous proverb, “Jal hi jeevan hai”.

Water plays a vital role in assisting many of the physiological processes within the body and as a solvent providing medium for various metabolic reactions.

According to famous quotation of vriddha chanakya,” There are actually three gems on this earth-Water,food and beautiful speech. Water is the life of all living creature’s on this earth and major portion of earth contains water.

Water is essential for the regulation of body temperature, acts as a shock absorber for brain, spinal cord, aids in digestion, helps in nutrient absorption, lubricates joints, flushing out several metabolic wastes and preventing several diseases. It is useful to body internally as well as externally, which varies according to place, quantity and time (day or season) etc.

Considering the importance of water benefits as mentioned above, we can understand how important is water element in our life and health.

In today’s modern world and society, the most alarming challenge is having good health, According to World Health Organisation, 95 percent of the world population has health problems. This very clearly indicates that most of the world population are not having access to clean and pure drinking water. In the present environment, all the pancha bhutas( Earth, Water, Air,Sky and Fire) are polluted due to our greedy and exploitative mentality.I n such a polluted environment, it's very difficult to get pure water and food. Day by day, hospitals are over crowded with millions of patients. Many people are suffering with various health hazards and acute diseases like cancer, viruses and phsiological disorders.

According to Ayurveda,just by water therapy,many diseases can be cured,there are rules to drink water ( Jalapana Vidhi) but unfortunately,most of the population, have no idea that drinking pure water is very essential for good health.They assume that food is most important factor for good health.But,as we know that our body contains upto 70 percent of water, and in present situation,due to polluted water,every drop of water is acidic in nature and acidic water leads to many health issues.

So, what is the solution for this problem ???

We need a advanced equipment with latest technology, which can convert any type of water into alkaline nature and preserve the minerals and nutrients in the water.

Think about this before it’s too late……….

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