Nageshwar Shukla

I endure as a business advisor, consultant, international speaker, life coach, and strategic planner. Giving assistance to students, business owners, and employees as well, I upbeat their prospects with confidence.







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Business Training

I also believe that motivation coupled with perfect health can only drive out dedicated effort. My training will magnify your business and it will give a new oddity to your sweat. It will starkly invigorate your connection with your clients and this connection will considerately lengthen and stretch your business.


Life Coach

This turnaround will upkeep your life and will bring towers to your melancholy. Our strong analogy will always keep you stimulating and will bring tranquility to your life. As a life coach , I will hump your virtue and attributes which will dissipate all your delicacy and infirmity.


Strategic planning

Nothing can be consummated in life without orthodox strategies. For the burgeoning of one’s business and making it financially lofty, one should espouse virtuous strategies. The strategy should be perfectly tuned to the objective in order to procure the desired sales. Well, strategic planning always gives fruitful outputs.


An initiative by Nageshwar Shukla

Nageshwar Shukla headed his signature programme 22.0 with his champions team.

"SUPER30DAYS is virtual training meeting of 30 days, We can work on your overall development of business growth, mental growth, financial growth, physical growth, Spiritual growth, Leadership, social growth, self grooming Relationship growth and emotional growth."

"These 30 days will be the best & memorable 30 days of your life"

What Participants Say's


"Everybody finds shortcut to success."

"They asking how you become successful. How to grow business.How you struggle all things. How many people reject you."

"Let's Learn these thing from World Fastest and Youngest 6A2-3"

"Training is so important. Why??"

"Let's have Look what past participant says about SUPER30DAYS programme."

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