Direct Selling

  Nageshwar Shukla       2nd January 2020

India is country of youth. It is the second highest populated country in the world and one-fifth of its population is youth. This leads to rise of entrepreneurship and a growing appetite for financial independence in India. Direct selling is also proving itself as a good career option for this population. Youngsters spend 4 to 7 hours daily on their phones browsing internet. Internet is the best platform for marketing.

Direct selling business opportunity for everyone and many companies is working in this platform.

Direct Selling Industry lead the charge in this new economy in India is network marketing or multi-level marketing(MLM). This is realistic model in which customers register as in dependent distributor and sell product and build there own team.

According the FICCI & IDSA direct selling industry generate 64500 crores turnover in 2025 and generate 2 crores jobs in India. Now direct selling or network marketing chapters included in books various universities in India. 1.8 million youth make carrier in direct selling Industry till 2025.

That the industry has huge potential in India, but then why people are afraid to make a career in this industry?

To answer that, you need to understand the life cycle of an Industry, Every Industry (Banking, Insurance, etc) has to go through certain phases.

  • Negative Phase
  • Positive Phase
  • Growth Phase
  • Competition phase

In India due to numerous past scams, the direct selling industry was struggling in the negative phase. But thanks to a few honest direct selling companies and the direct selling guideline of India, the shape of the industry in India is changing rapidly.

The industry has produced many top earners across the nation and has helped in improving the lives of many people.

All these efforts have changed the scenario of the Indian Direct Selling Industry and it is safe to say that people are now started accepting the industry.

The direct selling industry transitioned from the negative phase to a positive phase and soon it will become a rapidly growing industry.

Just imagine.

If you start working now and by 2025 would be able to grab a tiny part say 0.01%, then still it will be around 6.5 cr!

Let me know your thoughts on this.

In today's world, where there is a space there is a future.

By this I am saying that in India only 2% of population is engaged in Direct selling business. So there is a lot of opportunity as 98% people are yet to come. And with that there is a Future of Direct Selling in India.

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