Healthy Habit For Healthy Life

  Nageshwar Shukla       3 June 2021

Habit is something that we are frequently addicted to. Now, whether it is bad or good Its Depends on you which Habit you keep inside yourself. A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly to occur subconsciously. Habits may be good or bad. Decide which habit you want to live in.

If you have a good habit then one day you will be a successful and great person.

If you have bad habits inside you, you will never reach the point where you want to go in life.

What are good habits?

  • Good conscious management so that your structure and daily routine can be saved.
  • Eat a healthy diet food because our brain needs the right food to perform every task.
  • Practice Gratitude so that you do not have difficulty in anything in life.
  • Live the golden rules.
  • Respect every environment.

What are bad habits?

  • Smoking Cigarette.
  • Wasting time on things that are of no use to you.
  • Not holding Eye Contact.
  • Negative Self Talk.
  • Do not take care of hygiene around you.
  • Needlessly be irritable on anything.

How do you develop a good habit?

The best way to develop a good habit that improves the bad habits inside you. Replace bad habits within yourself. Make Your Habits Visible, Attractive, Easy, and Satisfying. To remove bad habits, disable your habit, difficult, and keep the habit you are unsatisfied with. Make your schedule and think about how you

can use existing habits to create new, positive ones. For many people, our morning routine is our strongest routine so that is a great place to stack on a new habit.

Make Habit such that you are happy and also those who work with you are happy. Your habit is your daily routine, not a responsibility. So, Show your best habit in the right place.

Do work like this, you are happy and people are associated with you too. Challenge your Habit to develop yourself and grow your habit to develop your Habit and become better.

Habits formation

To build good habits

  • Cue / Visible
  • Craving / Attractive
  • Response / Easy
  • Reward / Satisfying

4 way to remove bad habits

  • Cue / Invisible
  • Craving / Unattractive
  • Response / Difficulty
  • Reward / Unsatisfing

Power of Habit:-

If you have a good Habit, then you will be happy to do all the work that you do every day. Having a good habit will make it easier for you to do all the work that you do in your daily routine life. Your personality, your daily work, your behavior, your manners, it all depends on your habit. When you shine in front of someone, it is only because of your habits. So try to chase that your habit is always good so that people can treat you. Good habits lead to a good life.

It is not a big deal to have a good habit, but it is a big thing to follow a good habit and it helps you to maintain your behavior.


  • Atomic Habit by James Clear
  • The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg
  • Tiny Habit by BJ Fogg
  • Good Habit, Bad Habit by Wendy Wood

Note:- Learn to follow a "Good Habit".

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