What is GOAL?

  Nageshwar Shukla       19 MAY 2021

Goal is one type of result that we wanna achieve. In simple language goal is our target that we want to achieve and we all continuously strive for it. The goal is that part of our life, due to which we can make way for success.

The goal is the first step of success. If we want to touch the height of success, then first we have to make our goal strong. Goals also help to focus on your dreams, wishes & targets. Success from Goal and a good life from success.

So, it is very important to have a good goal for a good life. Goals prepare us to win our successful "LIFE".

If the goals are clear then we prepare ourselves according to the "GOAL".

Importance of GOAL

Goals make life easy & beautiful.

It is important to have a Goal but it is also important to have a Goal to be SMART.


How can you take Smart Goals? & What is Smart Goal?

Most businesses use the SMART GOAL for a successful lifestyle.

S - Specific (What?, Where?, How?, When?)

M - Measurable (Break it down into measurable unit)

A - Achievable (If your goal attainable)

R - Realistic (How much is relevant to you?)

T - Time Bounded (Make a blueprint, Time is money!)

Think about the Big Pictures

Use a systematic formula

Track your Progress

Goals provide a better understanding of expectations & life makes easy as well as comfortable.

Goals help to stay strong & motivated.

These specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bounded are used in successful goal setting. An important goal of life is happiness. And for your happiness, it is very important to set up the goal so that you can touch every step of your success.

Benefits of GOAL

Goals give you a direction and give a proper destination for your life. If you make a proper goal of life it means you are clear in your goal. Proper or Set goals help you take control of your future. If you establish your goal then you must also create a plan to reach that goal. Goals help make your dreams real. Once you have written your goal on a paper, your mind starts to focus and work more on how to achieve those goals. Goals a proper track to the purpose of life. Goals help visualize and your plans action to achieve the goals you set and carry them out. Goals improved yourself and make your strong strengths.

Most principal tool is a goal it helping to reach your full potential. Goals provide motivate your dreams and give fulfill successful life.

How to start & set your GOALS?

If you want to changes in life start by setting goals. Improve your skills, knowledge, personal growth mindset.

For. eg:) Firstly your goal must be clear about your dream also your target, Read books always, Set reminders on your phone, Make a daily schedule, Add tasks to your daily schedule, Always set time-bounded goals, Be polite & focused on one behavior at a time.

Advantages of Goals

If you manage the goal to keep them in mind, you will be that much closer to achieving them!

Goals provide a better understanding of expectations. Goals make you a decision-maker that helps you make easy decisions in life. Goals give you clarity in life to move forward. With Goals, you start a new phase of your life, a new lifestyle starts, which brings newness in you.

Setting goals also benefits your career. If you have a clear picture of what you want then you catch one step at a time. Goals can provide a future direction for your life which helps guide you and start growing personal growth.

Note:- There is no happiness without goal and faith. You must have faith on yourself.

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